100 Million To Going Up To 100 Million Households Have Access To Solar Energy - Solar, 100 Million

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Chinese solar companies have thousands of, 100 million only three years to process only a young brand, however, is such a young brand, but under the eyes of the many companies where they stand.

2002, the 100 million will come a time in just one year before the solar industry, few companies have traveled 4-8 years, became China's solar energy industry "top three"; 2003, 100 million to the way singing, more than 2,000 sales outlets in 30 provinces and cities throughout the country, quickly becoming the industry second, and prove safety first, as the solar industry a strong brand; 2004, 100 million to fully enhance the product technology, expansion of marketing network, and with the world's most influential sports communication agencies, international brand communication mode operation, further enhancing the 100 million to brand image. Three years, its annual sales have always maintained an average annual doubling of development performance, so that competitors admiration.

100 million to three years, the rapid development of unusually grand with its ambitious goal of closely related "to 100 million households have access to solar energy," not only fully reflects the firm 100 million to the development of the corporate philosophy, but also 100 million to For the bigger, stronger commitment to solar energy industry. After several years of development and accumulation, 100 million to promote the "100 million households have access to solar energy" concept has been accepted by consumers, for quick access to hundreds of millions of home solar energy has laid a solid social foundation.

100 million can be well versed in consumer products are factory direct dialogue with the window, unable to meet consumer demand for products that can never become mainstream. 100 million can be detected through careful market research to: customer acceptance of obstruct a major obstacle to solar water heaters are "solar water heater rainy days, winter does not cut, can not be used", so 100 million to R & D by virtue of its strong advantages, the creation of a "Winter should be easy to use" product development philosophy, and in less than six months, the introduction of the line winter nice "hot" products, successfully broke through the bottleneck of troubled industry.

2004 100 million to "Hot respect, hot star," hot market, hot fast, strong heat, heat a long, hot enough to achieve a rainy-day heat, heat overnight, the ideal long-term effects of heat. "Select solar energy, heat is the last word" customer choice is becoming unified measure of solar water heaters, solar energy is gradually reversing the consumer awareness of the biases and errors. As the 100 million can "hot" function into full play, even if many solar manufacturers as being the "market zone" of the northeast provinces, 100 million to sales growth is still linear.

Broad development space, a bright future, make some no technology, no money involved in solar market manufacturers rush. According to statistics, approximately 30 million question about solar water heaters to the market, there are about 200 million units of the product does not guarantee the quality and maintenance resulted in the credibility of the entire solar industry and prospects of the market suffering the unprecedented crisis of confidence.

100 million to that inferior products are the reason why the market was mainly due to low prices to meet a number of strong brand awareness, technical knowledge of solar energy with little knowledge of consumer psychology. But 100 million can be considered to occupy the market, relies on product quality and service, only useful product, will buy a durable good. If 100 million in R & D success on laying a "world", then, 100% service to win customers and the community recognized the dual. 100 million to just a few years to create the "speed myth" has long been the industry's attention.
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100 Million To Going Up To 100 Million Households Have Access To Solar Energy - Solar, 100 Million

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100 Million To Going Up To 100 Million Households Have Access To Solar Energy - Solar, 100 Million

This article was published on 2010/11/14