19 million break fee Real Madrid lose at least 35 million cleaning

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Guti's future, have been identified outside the Bernabeu. Guti made it clear before the national derby this summer, leaving the team the day before the Spanish came the two-year contract initialed Dubai gold wolf news. Yesterday, "Marca" would be out of the papers Guti Real Madrid contract to 2012 with the article, but "Mr. Football" magazine said today, This is to appease the team Florentino mouthpiece deliberately created an atmosphere of lies only. "I'm leaving the team and the club to discuss it," Guti said in an interview this way.

Real Madrid's Guti and a one-year contract expired, his annual salary of 500 million euros. According to the "World Sports Daily," declared the year Guti wants an annual salary as severance pay, which is the premise of his leaving the team this summer. "Mr. Football" is revealed, Guti on the severance pay required to achieve 700 million euros! But Real Madrid is the present attitude of high-level maximum payment of three million euros, gold wolf does not need to join any sign papers to ensure that a European team. If Guti want to stay in Europe, he can only get 2 million euros Arizona Cardinals jerseys to the surrender. The two sides are still bargaining in the final of the season remaining four, the amount of severance pay Guti, and soon will be able to get to the bottom.

"Mr. Football" while confirming that Raul wants 12 million euros in severance pay. Offer for Real Madrid for 16 years, the Lord of the Rings want proportional to his contribution to the break-up fee. Raul Real Madrid executives claim will determine their own future, this is just move it to shirk its responsibility. If Raul decided to stay at Real Madrid, then he must unconditionally accept the bench next season, the fate of; and if Raul leave Florentino do not have to bear the charges of cleaning hero, he could have put the blame on to Raul himself to go.

Apart from Raul and Guti, the summer will be a large number of players bid farewell to the Bernabeu, Muhammad - Diarra, Lassana - Diarra, Gago, Drenthe, who were both on the clean list. "Mr. Football" magazine that's worth at least these players will be joining Real Madrid fell more than 40%, cleaning plan will enable the club Real Madrid at least 35 million euros loss. Mohammed - Diarra is the best example, four years ago to 26 million euros worth of his league mark to become the king, but gave him only a few days ago in Paris St Germain out of 600 million euro price tag.

Real cleansing has become a symbol of the new ships every summer transfer market are the most busy team. Last summer, Real Madrid Sneijder and Robben on them to lose a 23 million euros. 36 million euros to buy Robben is the price of 25 million euros gave Bayern, 27 million bought Sneijder Zeyi worth 15 million euros was sold to Inter. Let Florentino unexpected is that the Dutch binary will be at the Bernabeu in the Champions League final rendezvous, and Real Madrid in the quarter continued to wander outside.

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19 million break fee Real Madrid lose at least 35 million cleaning

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19 million break fee Real Madrid lose at least 35 million cleaning

This article was published on 2010/10/22