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Coyle said the Bolton manager, if there are wealthy club - Gary Cahill out a "suitable" offer, then he would agree to let go of the line of prospects, but Coyle mouth "appropriate" offer as high as 30 million pounds, it appears that Coyle is determined to use the England teenager knocked Arsenal fortune.

Arsenal defender's contract this summer, four is about to expire, Gallas, Campbell, Sylvester, and Senderos in the contracts about to expire, Sylvester, and Philippe Senderos will certainly be leaving the team, Gallas as terms of delay in terms of the contract agreement with Arsenal, leaving the team's may also be high, only 35-year-old Campbell, teams may continue to stay, which makes Wenger defender needed consolidation in the summer to introduce new line of defense.

There are rumors in recent days reported that plans to use 14 million pounds Arsenal recruit Cahill, though Cahill failed to enter the World Cup, Fabio Capello's initial list of 30 people, but Wenger believes the teenager will grow into one sooner or later line of superstars names, so he is willing to hit 14 million pounds for the Cahill.

But 14 million pounds does not seem to impress Coyle, although 2 years ago, John Bolton, the introduction of Cahill from Aston Villa for just 500 million pounds, but now the 24-year-old Coyle gave England defender on the 30 million mark pounds of high prices. Wenger is difficult to blame the opponents, however exorbitant, as Wenger himself was Fabregas Barca Buy is concerned, for the small French standard on the 80 million pounds of the price.

Coyle told the "Sun": "Gary is possible for any Premiership club, if a club can be a 30 million pounds, then you might say the price is fair. He is at the top level, this was his worth so high because, if we stop him from leaving, then this would be the wrong decision. "

However, Wenger should not use 30 million pounds to buy an even England can not enter the guard, but the "Sun" that as long as Arsenal have bid higher than 20 million pounds, then Bolton would agree release, but even the 20 million pounds, Wenger is unlikely to complete the transfer case.

In addition to Cahill, the Wenger there are many other options, Fulham and West Ham's former Arsenal Hangelande Jiujiang Upson is a good choice, Fulham and West Ham are not at least price 20 million pounds for two, maybe Wenger can spend 20 million pounds has been put back to the Emirates Stadium are two of the guards.

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Share Tiewei Arsenal star being blackmailed Bolton as 30 million price tag

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This article was published on 2010/10/18